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Welcome to Prevention Connection International — A Community Contribution Company that believes “Predictable is Preventable!”

Prevention Connection International SealJoin the PCI Public Safety Task Force — a coalition of subject matter experts who bring modern day solutions to today’s public education challenges. Think of us like the Wikipedia of the fire service–we’re an “open source” organization that offers the tools to make firefighters & fire and life safety educators, the “stars of the show!”

We understand the challenges faced by those men and women, out on the front lines, trying to reduce preventable deaths and injuries, particularly those resulting from fires. We’ve met you, talked with you by phone, exchanged e-mails and more. We feel the pain and truly grasp the issues the fire service faces, like; 1. limited personnel to deliver programs, 2. the resources to develop good teaching tools, 3. time and budgetary support!

PCI provides the necessary training, teaching tools and technology for educators to deliver impactful programming to more people, more often, AND for less money!

Help PCI to help you by supporting our efforts. Pay it forward — Using and Sharing these incredible resources empowers us to keep creating:

  • The Public Educator’s Showcase for Fire & Life Safety Educators from Coast to Coast to showcase their talents and successful programs;
  • The PCI Public Safety Task Force of subject-matter-experts in the field as well as folks in the worlds of marketing, communications, leadership development and coaching;
  • The “Fully Involved” Home Safe System that helps kids learn to live to their full life potential by guiding them to stay safe and avoid becoming victims of fire;
  • Financial support for PCI’s Connected Causes who promote the “Fully Involved” Home Safe System. We will give partial proceeds, or in kind donations, and generate awareness of their own programs and services;
  • The PCI Training Toolkit a compilation of trainers and instructors gaining exposure and new opportunities in their area of expertise. We earn partial proceeds from promoting their programs and services; and
  • Interactive online platforms for public educators to engage with colleagues around the world. Host webinars, share information, best practices, etc. See this example, the Fully Involved Forum.

Why support PCI? Because……

  1. We are redefining what a professional association for fire and life safety educators should be. Our focus is on the public safety educator, not the politicians inside and outside of the fire service, and not us.
  2. We provide an interactive forum for current fire and life safety educators, and future community safety facilitators, to collaborate not only with their peers but also with the members of their community;
  3. We inform and educate those fire and life safety educators about available training, teaching tools, technologies, and best practices; and
  4. We assist fire and life safety educators to develop their own Community Involvement Strategies to reduce the number of fires and fire-related deaths and injuries.

Now, who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Contact us with your ideas and suggestions: